I’m Down to Look Up, But I’m Always Looking Down

Iphones are great

Modern technological advances are astounding and incredibly beneficial

They’ve become the axis around which culture revolves

We are so rooted in the progress we’re making

We’re like a tree growing into the ground

We marvel at the screens up against our ignorant faces

But do we look up to see the amazing things around us?

When was the last time you looked at the sky and took in its beauty?

It’s a bit breathtaking…

We’ve let one beautiful thing distract us from everything else

Would you rather watch a show or talk to your family?

Take the time to support them

And they’ll be there for you when Dean Winchester isn’t present to slay your monsters

Looking up is hard though!

It takes effort!

It’s not productive!

It doesn’t entertain my mind for more than a split second before my 21st century brain has to find something else!

…Do you realize how old the world is?

Do you realize that wifi had its beginnings in 1991?

It has been around for a whopping total of 26 years

Your attention span is pathetic

So is your life

And your perception of, well, everything

Basically you’re an idiot

He’s an idiot

I’m an idiot

Everyone is an idiot!

. . .

I was hiking the other day

It was beautiful

At least I assume it was

I was too busy not tripping over tree roots to notice the nature around me

I took one glance up, got pissed at myself for not absorbing the beauty around me,

And kept walking with my head down

The point is

Stop moving, traveling, getting caught up in your life

And just look around

Take in the simple blessings surrounding you

Stare at the sky

One has to become disenchanted with obsessively reaching the next thing to appreciate how amazing the simple things are

You’re the only thing that makes life complicated

Stop looking down on everything else

Look up

It takes a lot of humility to accept that some things in the world are bigger than you

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