The Wise Ry Guy

Thoughts Are Funny, and So Is the World


Welcome to my blog. Please understand first and foremost that I write in a ridiculous – albeit choppy – and grammatically questionable manner, and I say ridiculous things. Humor happens to be an occasional byproduct of my style of thought. Although my writing is fairly stream of conscious, find solace in my assurance that most articles do have a direction. If I wrote pointless things, I wouldn’t write. As you read what I say about the world and the things that I think, know that I didn’t write any of it for you. Writing is primarily something I do for myself; it is a fulfillment of my nature. However, when you read these articles, I sincerely hope you learn from them – that they act as a kind of conduit of discovery in your life, or at the very least they shine for you with the wonderfully validating glow of relatability. I hope my words can make you laugh or smile, and maybe expand your perspective on something or help your general mindset for the better. I don’t write for the purpose of cynicism, skepticism, faith, politics, propaganda, or anything else. I simply write to explore. Even a statement is a questionSo, from my soul to yours, enjoy.