Waking Up To Wonder

Originally posted on The Wise Ry Guy:
Gone asleep asunderWaking up to wonderWonder wonder wonder whyA view as such should be retainedBut yet unwont to be maintainedInside a little mind Lie to bed procumbentJerk from darkness suddenSudden sudden sudden sighA weary way to wonder howThe sky is art and yet we bowTo die some more…

Finite Infinity

You know what things happen when you try to take infinite, unfathomable concepts and stuff them into understandable (to an extent) terms? Weird things Annoying things! Like irrational numbers and imaginary numbers and dividing discrete quantity by infinity It’s messed up Why is the transition from continuous to discrete so screwy? When we try to … More Finite Infinity

I’m Down to Look Up, But I’m Always Looking Down

Iphones are great Modern technological advances are astounding and incredibly beneficial They’ve become the axis around which culture revolves We are so rooted in the progress we’re making We’re like a tree growing into the ground We marvel at the screens up against our ignorant faces But do we look up to see the amazing … More I’m Down to Look Up, But I’m Always Looking Down