This article discusses what I’ve termed the “drift” in my own life. It juxtaposes physical and mental reality and considers what is necessary to have a healthy state of mind in light of the big things we face. … More Reconnecting

Chasing Bunnies

Happiness is not a thing to be found Rather, it is achieved unconsciously amidst the pursuit of other things Particular things If you are looking to be happy, you are not obviously For happiness to take form for my soul, in the likeness with which I conceive it, as a realistic prospect for me, is … More Chasing Bunnies

I’m Down to Look Up, But I’m Always Looking Down

Iphones are great Modern technological advances are astounding and incredibly beneficial They’ve become the axis around which culture revolves We are so rooted in the progress we’re making We’re like a tree growing into the ground We marvel at the screens up against our ignorant faces But do we look up to see the amazing … More I’m Down to Look Up, But I’m Always Looking Down