Nothing Good

I have a lot to say about journalists

The fourth estate, man

It is vitally important

But I’m not confidant that most americans grasp why media is important and what it actually should be doing. It’s like asking people to explain why art is beautiful—correct answers won’t happen

Oh! People are intrinsically valuable! They’re speaking their truth!! FEelinGs!!!


I have a lot to say about journalists

But I’ll save that for later

You know what I think we should do

–not we; I don’t care about you

Here’s what I should do (if I wanted to dedicate the time to it, which I don’t, so yes ‘we’ and someone else should do it)

Actually no

You know the problem with pop music? It’s toxic as hell man

bieber is kind of doing this I think, but there should be pop music that sounds like it should be toxic but it’s actually saying spiritually mature and simply intelligent things

Music that grapples with emotion without justifying unhealthy attachment or encouraging surface level (i.e. incorrect) understanding of a person’s romantic experience and conduct in a relationship

these things are probably explained best by unconscious and/or developmental reasons…

Emotionally mature music would really benefit youths I think

Kendrick actually just did this too. Kudos to K dot.

I have a lot to say about journalists

Journals whose vocation is critical review or analysis should do us all a favor and discuss only the excellence in a thing. That’s all that is necessary. Anything further (which is all they seem to give) clouds, maligns, and misunderstands.

but if I am wrong and it does not do those things, then still, any criticism that fails doubly—that first does not elucidate the excellences of its topic and second cuts its readers with dangerous opinion (for what is opinion, but rumor?)—and somehow avoids obscuring the nature of its topic .. well, it can’t avoid that

Maybe a negative assessment has a psychological power that a positive one does not

Show me the excellence of a thing first, and then I will approach it carrying with me the only bias not certain to confuse good reason

I have the urge to say here that these are my opinions, although, know that the line above is the genuine thought of this article (one neither expected nor contrived in a planned fashion; it was a pleasant outcome actually)


I have a lot to say about journalists

Consider my following comments:






I know that was a lot.. you can take your time to think it through.
I am aware of how I generalize. Ronan Farrow is dope and I know there are many true journalists doing real work and sacrificing or even putting themselves in the way of danger and harm to help people. For example, Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh recently died at the hands of the Israeli military. In this post, when I say journalists, oddly, I am not referring to the real ones.

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