People Is Icebergs

Sometimes I’m very impressed by people

That is, I’m impressed by their idiocy

The real problem is that they don’t understand how they are being stupid

They don’t know!

Everyone is oblivious to their own shortcomings!

Why improve yourself when you can loudly improve others?

People feel very entitled

Gross, disgusting entitlement


Specifically, we feel entitled to our supposed right to judge others

Wont to our pride

Wont to the idea that it’s someone else’s fault

Wont to be offended

But we know ourselves so well

We know that WE deserve a second chance, cause we didn’t mess up that bad

But those other people, man, they need to get it together

We see it so clearly

I’m not sure we realize

that is exactly what those other people think too

We think like that

They think like that

Everyone thinks like that!

We’re all idiots!

When we blame them

They blame us

Obviously, we’re wrong

We messed up

It’s our bad!


How could they think that?

It is undeniably plain that THEY are the erroneous ones!

It’s so clear!

Why are they being so difficult?

. . .


Let’s redefine “wont”

As hard as that may be, since most people don’t know what it means in the first place


Stop being entitled

Stop looking at conflict through such a biased lens


Stop focusing so much on what other people do wrong

It will drive you crazy

Sure, I get it

You’re an iceberg

They can’t understand you

Your reasoning

Your feelings

Your depth


They don’t understand why you KNOW

Beyond a shadow of a doubt!

That You are right!


Guess what

You’re not the only iceberg in the house

Don’t melt in your pride





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