I Invented Palm Trees

I was thinking the other day

and I thought of palm trees

Then I thought

What if hypothetical me, having thought of palm trees, gets a baby tree and plants it?

Hypothetical me would have brought this concept into existence

I would not have been the first to do so

But still

It was my idea

It was my work

It was my palm tree

I would probably name it Volar

Hypothetical me could say

I invented palm trees


a palm tree

let me explain

I’m not caught up in the illusion that I created palm trees and can create other things

As cool as that is

Creation and invention are very different animals

Unless you named your two bull dogs Creation and Invention

which, in that case, I think you might have a bit of a hubris problem

and weird taste in pet names…

Regardless, concepts are not animals

Today, the act of creation is virtually non-existent

That is, within the observable universe

No one is making planets out of nothing

or anything like that

Because for creation to be possible, there must first be void

Creation is the act of making something original and putting it into empty space – full of nothing – cause it’s empty

It’s really not even an act though

It’s a verb

But it’s more of a thought

In Genesis, God just spoke

Athena just sprang from Zeus’ head

Thought, not action

Creation makes a new reality

Creation stems from thought

Thought forms reality


That was profound

Also not where I thought this article was going

which is a paradox, because I had dueling thoughts, but one, specific reality was formed

Where did the other realities from my head go?


Off track

The point is

Invention is not creation

Invention is more discovery

You can’t discover nothing, and nothing is what is necessary for creation to take place

Thus I prove my point

Analyzing the etymology of the English word, invention, will further demonstrate my argument

The verb, invenio, is not about creating and contriving

It’s about coming upon something

Finding something in something

Not adding something to nothing

Long story short

If you’re ever discouraged


You can invent palm trees too

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