so many naked torsos.

I’ve been perusing the whole freelance world recently

5 tIpS fOr AtTRaCTinG HIGH-pAyinG cUsToMErS !!


technical & copy writing

the vaguest job descriptions ever to exist

et cetera

I like the call to action

It’s so shameless.

Crazy what people do. I think people fall for things just as much when they know what’s going on

Hey I’m not stupid but it’s so shameless it’s like they’re being honest!

That’s what I look for from a businessperson!

transparency is weird.

I haven’t done one of these ramble blogs in awhile i feel.

I had the idea for this one a moment ago while I was peeing

and I thought

“this would be a great essay”


Because it would be a great essay.

But it will be a blog post.


a call to action is helpful

bo burnham came up in my life again

the critics are still raving


the consensus among the tik-tok-teens (what i’ve now nicknamed americans in their twenties) is that “oh my god the internet song is my favorite”

I like it too

a lot. It’s genius.

and well arranged.

and insightful. Insight is the bomb. Everybody knows this. Insight’ll knock ya socks off.


what is my problem.

what is the tik-tok-teen’s reaction to the internet song?

Which, if you’re not familiar, the line is “can I interest you in everything all of the time” sung repeatedly by the internet manifested as a man [bo] wearing weird sunglasses & laughing maniacally

Insightful, truly.

the reaction to the song is “i felt that so hard”


what? that’s it?

would anyone like to gander a guess at the ol’ reflector atop their loo vanity as to why they possibly “felt it so hard” ???

are you such a capitalist dog that you need your art to have its own calls to action?

this is a problem with entertainers who think

the mediocre widespread audience will perceive them in regards to the outermost layer of their occupation

“oh, this is entertaining”

I feel that I am saying too many words.

Rilke had his own call to action

After seeing the Torso of Apollo

and describing it in his poem

He concludes:

“You must change your life”

has this not always been a driving impulse behind Bo’s work ??

I am incensed. And learning more about reality.

I see chuckles and no passion. And it’s disgusting.

If a maniacal internet rings a bell,

there is work to do.

Don’t dismiss it “haha so relatable!!”

Insight can be its own call to action.

Don’t be skimpin’ now


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