Cold & Creamy Queso

In my book, there’s nothing cooler than mutually exclusive conditions!

Something Fun, but safe, for the kids!

Even imagination needs rules

Don’t wonder about where you’d be if you could actually sing

If you could, you wouldn’t be you

And the you you would be would have its own set of pinings and whinings

Don’t wonder how happier you’d be if you had your friend’s parents

or children

You wouldn’t be you, and they wouldn’t be them

The water flows in all directions.

In order to have creamy queso, it must be warmed up

Don’t wonder what dipping nachos into cold and creamy queso is like

you’d be attempting to scoop gel in vain

because cold queso

is gelled queso

Your chip would break!

Isn’t that the worst?

When it breaks off in the dip and you have to get your fingers dirty because most of the chip is buried in the dip and you have to deal and make do with the tiny corner left pinned between your fingers?


and gross

the dip isn’t even good!

It’s cold and it has a weird consistency..

I didn’t expect this. It’s not how I imagined it…

Recently, I’ve discovered my susceptibility to wistfulness

To wish the past were something it wasn’t

To theorize about where different decisions would have led

and sigh for lost outcomes

I have never been one to indulge this sort of thing much at all

And I forget at the moment the manner with and subject with respect to which it cropped in my emotional kingdom recently

I truly have no idea currently

But it did. I know it did

I knew how, and now I don’t

Regardless, what becomes real and what is ours and what is not and what fails to occur or succeeds in remaining unrealized,

these things are what they are

And for all the minds in their fairy lands


Queso is served much better warm & creamy

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