This title “nonessentials” has been in an empty draft of an article

Just hanging out on here

for like years at this point

So I’ll just knock it out real quick since I don’t have much time today

I like to fancy myself an ascetic man

It’s not true in the slightest

I’m just as plump in my skinniness and primp in my laziness as you are

But my strong passivity & laid back attitude combined with comparison to those more lavish & less thinking than I

makes me consider myself a bit more rugged than is fitting

considering the fact that I’m writing this on my bed & many pillows in my air conditioned house in my boxers curled up in two furry blankets

I also fancy thinking that being rich could allow me to be more ascetic

which is some weird logic man

But I have to admit to myself

I’ll never be Cormac McCarthy

for sure

I volunteered this week at a very impressive civic program for Juniors in high school

It’s very rigorous – for students and volunteers

this program was virtually done – because current events – so it was fairly easy

But under normal circumstances, a volunteer might walk 20 miles a day, interacting with students the whole time, and get 4 hours of sleep that night

One of the admin likes to say, “I come to this program to catch up on sleep!”

I’m not suggesting you deprive yourself of sleep

Not a great idea!

But let that quote convict you and paralyze your complacency

Let it motivate you to drive yourself harder and let the dross burn off your gleaming form

maybe take a good look at what you’re doing and get rid of some non essential things in your habitual life

You don’t need ’em!

It might just make you happier

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