Undumbing & Becoming

I’m learning that finishing something is more important than making it perfect.

I wrote an article about that recently

I wrote that article because I started writing this article

And that sentence prefaced what this one would be

But I needed to establish that first claim and think through it – cause I hadn’t

So I wrote that article, which works through the first line of this one

I forget what it’s called, sorry

And now

this one is sort of lost on me

But I’ll do my best

The essence of my concern in this one was what constituted the self

If a married man lusts after another woman, is he an adulterer?

Does the locus of identity lie with the impulses?

my reason for this inquiry is this:

I struggle to grasp what it means for an individual to transform

I struggle to grasp what it means for an individual to embody a static, and therefore distinguishable, identity or locus of being

mm, locus

good word

Here’s a question

What makes you you?

social constructionism is such a buzzkill

but beyond the qualities of the individual which proceed biological inheritance & coding

what isn’t socially constructed?

well duh, genius question ryan

I speak from ignorance

in virtually all domains

so if you’re still reading this the joke’s on you


just kidding please don’t leave

The line is blurry

All a reasonable person can account for is biologically sourced traits and socially constructed traits

But we’ve never been satisfied with this apparently-evident-though perhaps-wholly-incorrect explanation

And consequently,

over the course of homo history, a third classification emerged

the soul

oh he’s talking about the soul again

get some new content!

You already said you speak from ignorance how is this even doing any good?

cause im dumb

and I’m working on undumbing myself

and I have to write

But it makes sense right?

That what is neither biological nor social and cannot even be some janky consummation of the two has to originate somewhere?

So, the Divine.

Abandon the Pope ye who enter here!

yes, let’s take this moment to make fun of Catholics

Making fun of catholics?

Mm, that’s divine comedy if I ever heard it

well, so this has been an interesting conversation so far

I gotta rap up soon cause I have 18 minutes to post this and get my article in for the day

The root of these particular intellectual qualms is my genuine confusion about who I am

by who I mean where

I am unable to identify the part of me that is real

Maybe I am not there at all; this is a possibility I can’t rule out

Perhaps my impulses and fantasies are most fundamental to me

They at least seem to be some manifestation of what is important to me and what would fulfil my drive to live as an individual

this is a general statement

for anyone, your fantasies will teach you about what you want

as well show you how you’re bitter or delusioned, if you’re willing to look and be transparent with yourself

which is tough, because metrics for truth are tough to pin down

especially for young people

I’m rambling

the point is

for a young man who has been molded and taught and released to experience the world

realizing more and more that the “who” he assumes present when he examines his reflection

fluctuates due to a hundred or a thousand or a million or infinite or unknowable variable

Flux. It could even be better for identity to remain in flux indefinitely!

stagnation, complacency – these things don’t do us good by all indications

But like I mentioned before, I think, a metric for truth – a means for accurate consideration

That’s vital for living well – for survival

So, somewhere in the middle I guess

oh, chaos and order

wow im original

no progress made

have a good one

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