a blessed responsibility

please, let me bathe in these ashes

as the last leg of a grand series of ecumenical rites

which I have indulged-

that is, practiced in piety and poverty of spirit

over the past 24 hours

yes, it began upon my waking

and of this, being astute in my faith, I am not ashamed

it is the burden of the believer to do what is necessary

to bear forth this crucifix of mild withdrawal

this provocateur of perspective

these days in absolute wilderness

I swear, I have no clue what I’ll do without my beloved daily manipulations from big tech

without conscious gluttony

goodness what bravery I’ve garnered in contenting myself to step away from such destructions upon the assurance that these dreadful abstinences of the pure soul might persist not beyond two score days!

Christ! I might as well be Jesus.

build me grand and towering

climb me in the southern continent to gaze

For I am of the world.

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