he often smiles

“where the stupid mock, the philosopher marvels;

where the insensitive stare in astonishment, he often smiles.”


Why have I begun to read Voltaire’s short witty essays? (I speak of a compilation termed “alphabet of wit”)


Aimless men with access to libraries

what are they to do?

not read Voltaire??



you know it’s a wonder to me the number of incredible people in the world

perhaps i misuse the term incredible

I’d say the world is not incredible, which is my thought

but these sorts of claims have no hope of truth

words like “world,” “they,” “wrong,” “power,” “ecumenical,” “ryan, you are being melodramatic again”

lies; veneer; generality!

what are these mechanisms

what shall I track down first

the tool of good or its concept

I marvel at the people I find

and it moves me to marvel even greater at the problems I see

I have long conceptualized information and approached scenarios thinking in terms of defining a problem and solving it

I still certainly believe that problems embed themselves in hierarchies and descend from drawn-out etiologies

perhaps this is the evidence that it is not problems for which I search at all

after all

what is a problem but a series of equations which must be evaluated and properly reconciled

And for equations composed of immeasurable variables?

no miracle I find myself such an individualist.

I marvel at these incredible people;

It is a possibility I romance the potential of others much too greatly

can we trace our steps and find where the games break down?

I see incredible people

or incredible potential; this is what these qualities are

they must lack something.

it is like the technical science and the philosophy

the experimentation and the foundation

the acquired knowledge and the ethical undergirding

I wonder if these people would smile at an oddity

how do these rare smilers change when together

do they find each other

are they doomed not to impact the

ohp, I almost said it

ah, lies, veneer, generality!

and I’ve been saying “they” this entire time

those darned smilers

. . .

It has simply got me to wondering

how often mice are born of a mountain

and how many mountains are born of men

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