Life is an Acid Trip

This one happened pretty quickly. And by quickly, I mean, in one sitting. Haha. Anywho, I’m just destroying the conception of time that has probably defined how you regard your life and been the bedrock of fundamental things you believe about the world which allow you to act confidently and enlightened…ly, so, no big deal. … More Life is an Acid Trip

I! am right

This blog article implicitly talks about giving people the benefit of the doubt even though they are clearly blatant nitwits. Explicitly, it’s all over the place. Please read it and consider the nuance of personality and your duty as a citizen of the pioneering free state. Enjoy. … More I! am right

Chasing Bunnies

Happiness is not a thing to be found Rather, it is achieved unconsciously amidst the pursuit of other things Particular things If you are looking to be happy, you are not obviously For happiness to take form for my soul, in the likeness with which I conceive it, as a realistic prospect for me, is … More Chasing Bunnies

You Decide

I’m back! Been so long, man Not really tho Did you know tho is actually an official alternative spelling of though? Not just texting language crazy right Some 19th c. English there for ya But it hasn’t been long for me I write blog articles in my head consistently at the very least I have ideas … More You Decide