I! am right

This blog article implicitly talks about giving people the benefit of the doubt even though they are clearly blatant nitwits. Explicitly, it’s all over the place. Please read it and consider the nuance of personality and your duty as a citizen of the pioneering free state. Enjoy. … More I! am right


This article discusses what I’ve termed the “drift” in my own life. It juxtaposes physical and mental reality and considers what is necessary to have a healthy state of mind in light of the big things we face. … More Reconnecting

Chasing Bunnies

Happiness is not a thing to be found Rather, it is achieved unconsciously amidst the pursuit of other things Particular things If you are looking to be happy, you are not obviously For happiness to take form for my soul, in the likeness with which I conceive it, as a realistic prospect for me, is … More Chasing Bunnies

Dharma Done Blow

Ok little floofy baby chew on this mentally, that is do some brain chewing ? Just imagine really sophisticated ramen. Noodles. Like Neurolinguistics? Brain Pasta yep I know your primary reasoning faculties are as good as smithereens at this point drink it in, the sauce Here’s my question Does the adventurer seek the answers Or … More Dharma Done Blow

When I Was Ricardo

I don’t know if you knew this BUT I have… only ever been myself I know! Very frustrating It’s like what’s that lady thinking right now? I don’t know! completely nothing, maybe Or she could be mentally undressing me Or she’s pondering the answers to the universe and one conversation with her would permanently transform … More When I Was Ricardo

A One Man Show

I’m on stage Who’s watching? Me. Who else?   Me. Why? Me. But really Who came up with prayer? Someone’s watching I’ve struggled with this for a long time Close your eyes or live in darkness I have an audience Every moment of life Everything I do Everything I say Every thought that I think … More A One Man Show