An Instant Prolonged

Don’t get bogged in the verbosity; press on – this one has a destination. If you think it is bad because it is not able to be understood.. I am well aware.

to be honest, I’m not particularly thrilled about this one; it’s not that good I don’t think.. However, it has too many gems not to post so.. there!

in another sense, I am quite thrilled. This took a very long time from conception of the idea to completion .. at least a year and possibly close to two. But don’t think it took a long time because i worked really hard on it.. that wasn’t it.

idk if i like it. It’s genius for sure. But it sucks.

writing this took long enough that my uneasiness about it is actually embedded in the story … funny.

Enjoy it. There’s a lot of substance i think, so, don’t be dumb.

And thanks, if you actually make it through

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A One Man Show

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You Decide

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