This article discusses what I’ve termed the “drift” in my own life. It juxtaposes physical and mental reality and considers what is necessary to have a healthy state of mind in light of the big things we face. … More Reconnecting

A One Man Show

I’m on stage Who’s watching? Me. Who else?   Me. Why? Me. But really Who came up with prayer? Someone’s watching I’ve struggled with this for a long time Close your eyes or live in darkness I have an audience Every moment of life Everything I do Everything I say Every thought that I think … More A One Man Show

You Decide

I’m back! Been so long, man Not really tho Did you know tho is actually an official alternative spelling of though? Not just texting language crazy right Some 19th c. English there for ya But it hasn’t been long for me I write blog articles in my head consistently at the very least I have ideas … More You Decide