Cookies are bad for me

I know that cookies are bad for me

Of course!

Sugar and weed, man!

Tax ’em!

But hey

Didn’t stop me from consuming a couple brownies and ten fudge stripes the other night

I mean c’mon I lead a turbulent existential life let me have this

But no one else does obviously

which is why no one else should have cookies

But I transgress against my own knowledge all the time


And it’s not a question of what knowledge is either

We are splintered selves man, and to know a thing doesn’t guarantee its heedance

Haha, heedance

“Have you seen him dance?”

“No, can heedance really? I did not know..”


hmm, that seems better

I’ve been considering the voices recently

All the voices, many many

I like awareness

I guess it isn’t knowledge – also at this line I’m picking up this article from some long ago time so… we’ll see if I find something

the heedance joke was kinda comical

forgot about that one, as I do

It’s funny; that first part is so old, but it goes with my theme

cookies, ahaha

I love fat tuesday

and I am honestly not sure why

I think in high school I enjoyed making all the catholic drinking jokes

all of which are 100% accurate thank you very much

Evan L., tell me if I’m wrong about that

I say things..

fat tuesday is a great thing at which to smile

but likely not for the reason which would be though by that imaginary person who is following the trek of articles today

it is simply hilarious

an excellent concept

and not one with which I take issue, really

obviously there could be those steeped in mild to ideologically egregious religious hypocrisy

and you know, whatever, nothing new nor unique to catholicism or even religion in the conventional sense

sidenote: I just googled “egregious” because confession: i was spelling it agregious, and it provided a modern meaning and an archaic one; the modern meaning was “outstandingly bad,” and the archaic meaning was “remarkably good”



I think I love fat tuesday because I resonate at least on a comedic level with such a blatant closely-coupled contradiction

It’s an enormous discrepancy, but truly so neat

And I still love the jokes

I remember yelling in the hallways, “Who’s gettin’ hammered tonight?!”

just a momentous day, truly

this article probably was on track to be something like “I know cookie bad but I consume multiple regardless..”

good thing i didnt end it there

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