Clash of Kirby & the Meme-Puppets

I played Clash of Clans in my middle school days..

And I have this game called My Singing Monsters on my phone

It gets briefly touched maybe once a month

These games started out great and they got better for sure

Hilarious and entertaining, for one

Provide a good structure for progress too (two? for two? for too!!?.. “as well”! Got it)

And the problem is, in order to perpetuate the game,

the structure for progress must continue to extend

And at some point, a game becomes an impenetrably complex system

Further, in manufacturing itself indefinitely it devalues its own progress

Thus, in at least the realm of mobile games, growth quickly self-defeats

What is the alternative to proliferation as the primary method of customer incentive?

Everything stays in states of decay or growth, at least mostly, it seems

So change – change is key; change appears to be the necessity

Because devoid of change we are devoid of measurement

And measurement seems necessary for happiness

To avoid the self-defeat of rapid growth, a mobile app must be fundamentally dynamic

CoC (clash of clans) kept adding characters and Town Halls and features; and, while that strategy is sustainable, its interest to the consumer is definitely not sustainable.

When the game was originally created, it should have been tailored toward individual invention (innovation, but in all directions)

The attacks on city halls, the base design aspects and the potential for endlessly innovative attack strategy, must be designed to imitate infinite divisibility as closely as possible

This appears to me to be the only kind of success for a mobile game whose continuation into the future is not marked by exponential (and vain) game feature expansion

This is what I mean when I say fundamentally dynamic

This is sustainable growth; it is a progress plateau, and the soil is composed of bits of human interaction

This thought process is not nearly played out by the way.. I’m just venturing right now really

. .

Another game I’ve played through childhood is Super Smash Bros Brawl

My brother’s favorite character was Kirby (God bless his soul..)

Kirby is a tough opponent

What Kirby does is, he inflates his round pink body and eats your character

Having momentarily eaten your character, Kirby then has some of your character’s attacks

In short, Kirby absorbs an external being and takes their powers

So, . .

I was introduced to the theory of Endosymbiosis the other day

Prevailing scientific theory states that Eukarya might have arisen when prokaryotes began to absorb proteobacteria without digesting them

Because, instead of eating the bacteria, the prokaryote benefits from its internal presence, and these bacteria eventually developed into organelles

This is, of course, a simplified explanation

And I am in that wonderful position of not knowing much

. .

A question I have is this:

We’ve seen the smaller part incorporate itself symbiotically eventually to result in consciousness..

Which, well, that was significant

So, what happens now if the host is the conscious mind,

And the smaller part to be incorporated is AI?

An upside of proteobacteria, as far as I can tell, was that silicon valley couldn’t hack and manipulate them like little meme-puppets

Personally, as a sidenote, I’m concerned that (post-absurdism) we lack the ethical grounding to move forward in any capacity (but again, this is a sidenote, as I do truly know nothing)

Step one is ensuring symbiosis

Elon’s mantra is “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”


I dont know

External and internal seem like completely different things

I suppose this is the trillion dollar question:

What is progress?

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