he pouts

“I am bored; life is dull,” he pouts.

It’s up to you how this bit of thought is introduced. Please, feel free to choose any of the sentences below to place at the beginning of the paragraph above.

A boy sits in his backyard because mother made him go outside; around him a creek bubbles, trees stream, the sky stretches and grasses play.

A boy sits in a wagon because his father has made him go to town; around him a people bustles, buildings croon, the sky stretches and birds play.

A boy sits in a bus because he is forced to go to school; around him a community blends, inventions abound, the sky stretches and imaginations play.

A boy sits in a plane because he must visit his far away grandparents; around him an atmosphere billows, engines succeed, the sky stretches and colors play.

A boy sits in a rocket because his family must move to a different planet; around him a system balances, efforts transform, the sky stretches and stars play.

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