Things that are worth your time: Master of None

I’ve been thinking to myself


you should talk about the things that you enjoy consuming, you despicable capitalist dog.

Review things!”

So here we are

Albums, movies, shows (the last of which are worth your time only in moderation – I know it’s the same time quantity of time either way but yes don’t binge ’tis hardly preferable),

and anything else!

blech i hate these articles

ok forget it I don’t want to

Master of None is definitely worth your time tho

watch it if you’d like

It’s a treat

Things like master of none, my week with marilyn (film), call me by your name (film),

that sort of visual cinematography

It’s incredible to me

aesthetic has quickly become my favorite part of film

Ok so obviously I need to stop planning things

Because it ruins me

freedom – I forget so quickly, and for as long as an initial revelation must gestate, many times more must it dress its wounds of neglect prior to divining back ’round again in second, convicting realization.

So I do I abandon the ideas I have recorded

– cause those are everywhere man –

notated and left, tucked away for future work?

In lieu of novel ones to be received in some opportune time at which they might inspire less utter contempt for the skill of my output and, speaking honestly, and art & purpose themselves?

You know I don’t have nearly enough traffic for wordpress to put ads here but I actually thought maybe someday it could happen naturally

But I’m not even sure if i’d recommend my articles to the traffic which passes thru already

egh writing something planned

something with form

It’s just so discouraging

immediately demoralizing

it sucks the energy out every aspect of my life

in the same instant that I indulge it

I wouldn’t put my words on my list of things that are worth your time

not these certainly

Perhaps I’m seeing the best of Aziz

his best is quite good – master of none is an excellent show and, unlike most shows, not a waste of your time (beauty, discussion of ideas, charm, arrangement & storytelling, humor, etc. it’s good)

I assure you

You are not seeing my best in this article

My best isn’t mine

creativity puzzles , and you’re reading my attempt to puzzle out my art and my emotions and the thing itself attempting to mediate between them

perchance a divine touch

though not at all a divine reverie

a jumping child, eh

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