It feels as though the world is getting worse

“It feels as though the world is getting worse”

feeling is unreliable

Is the world getting worse?

Or am I waking up to what exists

Or do I think I’m waking up when in fact I am being baited and manipulated by propaganda?

My role in life right now is to entertain a wide variety of thoughts and ideas without accepting their validity and correctness

It’s ok not to know

I don’t know, but we’re getting there

Here’s my thought

Savagery always emerges, one way or another

How do we integrate savagery into society/acceptable human experience

Or are we doomed to be nature’s cohorts forever

Definitely the latter

ok, new approach

“It feels as though the world is getting worse”


obviously, feeling is not a viable metric

Life has always been violent and unjust

But the 21st century happens to enjoy technology that makes this century

the greatest of all mankind

and the most compelling


I’m not a fan of the words that have happened thus far

history is lost to all men

the world must watch as each individual adventures & learns what each individual before them learned along their adventures

the potency of knowledge fades & deteriorates

the world will remain broken

it will boom & bust always

as we interfere & fiddle

and do our best to make it right

progress is slow

slow slow slow



the turtle in the marathon

a marathon run by quarreling hares

who cannot on the route of the race

and remember not the location of the finish line

so we must rely on the turtle

and this takes time

The world isn’t getting worse

well, not worse than it was 500 years ago

I don’t know enough to say how often resets occur

we makes progress in one domain

and then

on a different level

the same problems crop up again

It’s always the same

the world isn’t getting worse

we can have the hope that people have always had

we just need to study a little more, think a little harder

and earnestly transform ourselves by love and to love

for the sake of accomplishing what history cannot

the maintenance of potent memory

the world isn’t getting worse

sometimes I feel worse

sometimes I feel worse

we must learn again the anarchy of the rabble

let it teach us

may it not be forgotten

may it render us more sincere

Let’s fix things

because the world isn’t worse

It is what it’s always been.

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