Render me polished
Polish me ever, ever!
Cripp’ling abhorrence
Tame to the letter, letter!

Tether me polished!
Stripe me ’til civil, civil!
Weather in torrents
Veterate swivel, swivel!

Leather I’m polished
I’m polished, ma’am, I’m polished!
Whether in torrents
Never be solaced, solaced

Flog me ye swashbuckler
Gleaming all bloody, bloody!
The oceans swirl angrily
The new Id’s muddy, muddy!

Polish me posh, buckler!
Socializ’d giddy, giddy!
Constricted or slandery
Paint hypocrite, -crite!

Render me polished
Bend my behavior
The all has sanctity
The lie is the savior

So lie me polished
Paint me to exhaust, exhaust
Confined to hidden city
Crucible is lost, all lost

Splintered in polish
Crack’d leather smile, smile
Laud my public desires
Polish’d defiled, -filed

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