Completion and Reinvention

I’m learning that finishing something is more important than making it perfect.

because perfection lasts forever, infinitely divisible

Like matter, effectively

I know I’m blurring the lines between infinity and how many times matter can be divided until its smallest parts would, upon another halving, dissipate and cease their existence

flaking into the void

but whatever.

It’s better to run succinct races

I’ve fallen victim on occasion to the impulse to draw things out indefinitely

This inner urge for unbridled continuation stems, ironically, from what seems to be its opposite:

distraction, what I’m struggling with presently as I toil to write this yet another insufficiently punctuated sentence, the desire to look away and put away and dwell in mental wandering or find some external stimulant (i.e. entertainment) either to do my thinking for me or freeze my thought completely with easy humor &/or plot

the urge to last forever and the urge to cease immediately

are the same.

They are fear of separate paths

for a particular pursuit can become familiar quickly,

we settle into patterns of progress, which are not progress at all

this false progress, this comfortable road

it takes us nowhere

I know I have already failed to articulate some of the thoughts and ideas that have occurred in my mind just in the past five minutes

I know this

and it bothers and angers me

but I must continue and find some other satisfactory way to complete this task

For to stay on this road means no success whatsoever

But to finish this article and write the next one,

to teach my soul that a single long goal, an end toward which I’ve unnecessarily prolonged my work, is but an abstraction meant to distract a feeble mind and pass the time;

but a person well constituted and with direction whose “goal” consists in not a singular indefinite task but in the indefinitely consecutive conclusions of many paths thoroughly but efficiently traversed can alternate between the fulfillment of pursuit and the joy of achievement – and this sort of thing probably requires some meta principles so as not to deteriorate &/or fall into its own version of complacency over time (meta principles are the counterpart of direction, which I mentioned above)

The indefinity in my life must exist at a categorical level which encompasses individual tasks, so I can cycle through them and effect meaningful output as opposed to drowning in an insufferably drawn-out process

Ok, so this is a lot to follow

There are some terms that I haven’t defined

well constituted


meta principles


just know that they are subsidiary to my main point

and if their import is unclear, omit them from your reading

What I am saying is

Finish things.

Don’t let them sit and dry out and lose their animus.

Create or accomplish or – whatever it is that you do – do it proactively.

That’s what I’m learning

Complete and begin. Indefinitely.

The same concept applies to prolific artists, which is the context within which I’ve been discussing this because a prolific artist is what I aim to be.

The more an artist practices their art, the better at it they become

part of this is that practicing cultivates skill

part of it is that small ideas thought through and experienced and completed (i.e. anytime inspiration strikes and the artist captures it, even if it’s very brief) have become a part of the artist’s psyche and will bubble and resurface/manifest in fuller or even wholly novel forms and they can expand within themselves and proliferate outwards and develop, and the artist themself develops with the idea, the art.

communication, articulation, Being

they’re as close as fingers on a hand.

If you read my blog through from its beginnings (which I do not expect you to do at all, even though it is a fine fine experience if I do say so myself),

you can see the roots of ideas and the beginnings of thoughts

you can see how I’ve developed as a person, as a thinker

I’m sure more than one article has reinvented itself in another, fuller article

This is the nature of creativity,

and this is why it is so so crucial

to finish things.

Because for all its imperfections, it is within its accomplisher

and it will return more beautifully.

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