Blind Circus Animals

It feels as though the world is getting worse


And I am not equipped to handle it and overcome it

the possibilities are infinite

the set of skills required to defend oneself in this world

is an array so vast

I can’t imagine ever being comfortable

Life is so amazing

and so terrible

And I’m not sure where I should land

there’s upheaval in the streets

But we don’t know who is upheaving or why

Where does the power lie?

Who is doing the creating out of nothing?

Man makes agendas and complicates his reality, but death makes things very simple

we are oblivious

and small

The information, what is happening in the world

O to know the identity of the elite, and the motivations of the rabble

we gossip and watch our tv and quibble about our crappy days at work

we sit in the same room, monotone and actionless, fixated on our respective screens, entertainment, directives etc.

I don’t pretend to know what is truly human

But this must not be it

I must be better.

I’m afraid it is left to me to sit at home and read until I have a better grasp on what is happening in the world

And when I am ready

As responsibility and integrity demand,

When I am ready,

I shall be ready.

Join me will ya

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