You’re not depressed; you’re just an idiot!

I mistake the viciousness of my soul for the savagery of real existence

Sorry if the title threw you off

It’s funny tho

For those of you who don’t realize it,

I’m the idiot in the title

How much of the pain we experience do we cause for ourselves?

I will now employ an incredibly embarrassing example

I got lost in a tv show

a sitcom called Community

great great show

When I finished that series,

the emotional fallout

was devastating

Granted I did escape the mire in relatively short time

My point is

What I experienced represents what can happen with other more significant things more intensely

Someone loses control, indulges themselves in a fantasy or some other catching thing

And the journey back to the ground is less of a parachuting adventure and more of an “oh yep, I’m gonna break my legs”

I was seriously emotionally invested in that show

so dumb and trivial

I knew it was happening too I just ignored it

“thats a future me problem”

It was

and then it was a present me problem

And have you ever stopped to realize that the present lasts an eternity longer than the future does?

The savagery of one’s reality correlates directly to the viciousness of one’s soul

This is %100 true

thats not a dollar sign!

100% true.

With this caviot:

The quantifiable aspect of the relation varies from person to person depending on, among other things, the external circumstances out of the individual’s control, though not necessarily not in some part the effect of their past behavior

i.e. internal vice and external savagery increase and decrease proportionally (barring other variables – it’s a bit of a controlled thought experiment I’ll admit), but the distance between their respective quantities is not constant

Hence, there are other variables…

yeah idk


I got angry about the world

But it wasn’t the world

It was the way I was acting and how I was thinking (or not thinking)

So don’t beg for pain with your actions

You don’t need to perpetuate the age old cycles of work & escape and sloth & self hate in your life to make it feel like something is happening

There are other ways to live meaningfully

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