Enlightenment, Meaning and Manhood

I’ve been afraid of standing up and facing ideas head on

Their great number overwhelms me

The drift is a choice

and I’ve been a spaceman for some time now

It takes strength to stand up

To be forthright

To tell the truth

But these are the things necessary to make the world honest and good

Enlightenment – the ability to function independently and assertively, to know in the truest sense i.e. to apply one’s knowledge practically, drawing upon the authority of that knowledge amidst one’s action upon it

The choice to stand up under the weight of things provides responsibility and meaning

geez all of the things I start to learn turn into Jordan Peterson lectures

so many ideas

It’s been wild to me that people can simply pick one or two and go with it

But what appears to be willful ignorance

Perhaps is a sign of maturation

Life owes no thing to any creature

I’m understanding in a realer sense every day what the key is to conquering excessive neuroticism and nihilism

I should stop being a weakling

I have lacked forthrightness in my life

And the result has been an overwhelming feeling of isolation

And that needs to change

I need to make some choices

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