Ammo for the Fickle


What should I write about


no kim

what should I say

what is worth saying

in the grand scheme of things

This one will be short & sweet

So, opinions, right?

I try not to have them

I’m not necessarily suggesting that

I’m dispositionally bad at having opinions – it’s just my thing

Most people speak from a narrow scope of knowledge

Usually interpretation of any evidence to which they have access and/or which is revealed to them works with their predetermined value system

It’s not a bad system

It’s just what it is

Most people don’t think freely

This is good to know when you’re, i dont know, talking

or trying to solve a problem

It’s even more useful to understand that everyone has internal biases that determine how they reason and react

Everyone is petty and proud, but from what I can tell any pettiness that festers so deeply as to manifest as maliciousness

is still fairly contained

Because pettiness, by virtue of what it is, stays small

The danger of that obviously is that parts make up the whole

It’s good to realize that what should determine which arguments you make are the state of your own motivations, your audience, the potential impact and consequence of the arguments, and the arguments themselves

In that order!

I think

Ultimately, if you are honest, goodwilling and researched,

and you’re with.. most people

It’s not the time to spout off

I’m not equipped with opinions, so typically I listen to people around me in an attempt to learn

not from their opinions, but from the possibilities of the ideas presented by whatever claims and/or perspectives they’ve spouted off

If I’m knowledgeable about a topic and confident that I am more correct due to my expertise or experience in the field or reading about/discussing it extensively,

my first move is still to listen to the other opinions in the room

Remember the four steps?

1 – personal motivations
2 – audience
3 – consequences
4 – validity

I think these apply well to judging the ideas of others as well

Perhaps if another person shares something with questionable motives (as demonstrated for example by a blatant delivery of the opinion), then the objective validity of the argument is a moot point

Dumb people with good ideas aren’t right

I like the Drake line

“You know a wise man once said nothing at all”

not original

but very goode

So if you’re going to open your mouth

make it worth it




dont counter arguments with arguments

At least, I wouldn’t

If I know I’m knowledgeable in a certain area, then I nitpick on specific things

Almost inception style

leading people along

planting ideas in a way that doesn’t offend their sensibilities

Overall, focusing on the most specific points possible seems like the most productive way to work through differing arguments

I’m often tempted to flap my tongue

but fools with good ideas aren’t right

And tongue flapping draws tongue flapping

I know, it’s a weird phrase

..speech blasting

mouth bullets?


I’m aiming for shrewdness

And I don’t care to provide ammunition for petty people

It makes me less concerned with things that really matter

That being said, I make no claims to be anything other than a fool just be clear

Perhaps if each of us recognize our proclivity to be foolish, we can begin to make things a little better

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