Turtleneck Necklace

I wear a band of twine and chiseled stone
Underneath my shirt
Whether to shy, a turtleneck necklace
Or grace a bare chest
It is yet the same
A band of twine and chiseled stone indeed

A loyal kickshaw liv’d always with me
Dwelling where it be
‘waited its met’er naught but forsaken
Hoard of a ch’ld
It is yet the same
Hugg’d abut skin or ‘lone atop my dresser

Sat ’til disrobed, its stony pearlescence
I rediscover’d
I tugg’d the twine over my hair then head
Skin met essent stone
I am yet the same
A boy would ask what should it mean for him

I unturn’d this relic, recollect vague
Wont to mystic pulse
An unnat’ral symbol tends ruinous
Attributions vain
It is yet the same
When unjust will is urg’d for twine and stone

Things let lie merit not sacred import
For let lie alone
Rather insight and companionship teach
A man his item
I am more the same
To know the self a man must never change

A totem walks with the legs of a man
And sees with his sight
Grac’d my collar long, melded and become
Leather scapular
It is not the same
Icon, inanimate lox animus

A simple band of twine and chiseled stone
Submerg’d in water
Shewn & mantled what man can only have
Faith rest his dear soul
It is yet the same
To pray, to live and wear the living stone

Fashion & superfluous intellect
Alike lack insight
Meddle not, but think and feel to don this
Turtleneck necklace
Different and same
The soul of mine I keep for none to see

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