Ignorance, Consciousness and Freedom

This is just one of those things man

I’ve been considering where just living ends and ignorance begins

I know I’m ignorant


How can you not be

I learned what cultural appropriation actually is today

My knee-jerk response to dismiss the complaints of people who call attention to things like this as unnecessarily politically correct

But I also think that the way each person lives is vitally important and significant

Which means I can’t logically justify dismissing anyone who points out injustice

And why should I?

So, the question becomes, most generally, how to address the sins of the individual

mm, not quite

Questions are crucial

Sidenote: if you ever want to solve a problem, the answer is (in my experience) in the questions you ask


yeah, I’m not sure

in the context of cultural appropriation, an individual who likely isn’t living optimally assumes the identity of a person of a certain culture with which they have no connection

Claiming to own a heritage which is not theirs

Lying insensitively, it seems

other things.. yeah, I really don’t know

It’s hard to discern when a problem is exposed and when it is fabricated

Bear with me on my journey


Ultimately, we need people who are hyper-socially conscious

I do not know how far is too far on this spectrum (perhaps my privilege clouds my vision – that’s not a facetious statement)

But say we have people today who are perhaps too quick to protest and censor,


It’s possible that those were the sorts of people who stood with MLK

Maybe I wouldn’t have

as awful as that is to imagine

I could’ve been the guy laughing and shaking his head at the ridiculousness of it all


solutions are means amidst juxtapositions

So, two parties*

the left is crazy man

the right is crazy too

they are, and –

here’s a moment of complete transparency –

I do my best not to put stock in either one

I feel like I annoy people with how non-committal I am

“I’ll research it”

Four months later

…”Yeah idk man I still need to look into it”

I’m not sure that knowledge should be something society expects people to have on mass in high quantity and quality

political correctness expects knowledge and conformity

Perhaps, that isn’t asking too much


perhaps it is asking the wrong thing.

My end goal in my life is to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it

And if I take a stand and I’m wrong

That’s on me

So I usually don’t take stands haha

I want to make it clear at this point that I harbor not any mindless allegiance

And I’m open to anything

But there are endless perspectives and crimes, and no man gets to the bottom of them before he dies

We just do as well as we can

And that doesn’t sound like a happy note on which to end this article

But it could be



*I actually do think the party system is a problem, and I’d like to see political candidates valued for their independence and originality
But alas, I shall never see such candidates, cause they have no money

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