Life IS a Bed of Roses

I could write a love poem about gooey warm chocolate chip cookies

We buy those at the store

I can watch the birds

I can’t fly

All the attractive women seem to be walking in the other direction

that’s more of a me problem tbh

I wanted to experience the grand canyon

so I jumped

I could explore the ocean life

I could dive in

Atlantis is real

It’s a graveyard

great things leave a wretched spirit wanting more

great beauty wows and pierces

my bed has skin

epidermal sheets and pillows

dandruff sofas

hairy screens

the flesh longs to lie down

to close the eyes and spend and waste away

this is the love of consciousness


sadness is the truest cost


sadness highly paid for

It’s a seductive place to lay thy head

a rosebush draws blood

thorns have no voice

and are not wont to present themselves forthrightly

deny yourself

stay vigilant

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