The American Ideal pt 1

Look, sometimes man

there are torches and crazy people

cause I’m a riot.

Other times tho

My friends hand me the fly swatter

cause you guessed it

I can be a buzzkill

It depends on what I’m doing

whether I’m a riot or a buzzkill

Well, eh

I was thinking that it depends on the people I’m with because different people do different things


no yeah that’s right

I’m realizing I’m just a riot and a buzzkill everywhere I go

so that’s cool

for anyone related to me who might be reading this, no it is not inspired by recent events mom

For further clarification, I have yet to find myself in a whorehouse

ah, the American ideal!

Here’s a question

If the two greatest things about traveling America are the terrain and the people,

and the people suck


here’s what I’m learning

If I’m uncomfortable with something,

it’s likely that I have fairly good reasons for feeling that way


In matters of personality and soul,

*pushes up glasses*

the good and rational motives are buried beneath the facade of the ego’s memetic expression

the temptation to justify a stand that one takes (because of the belief that it is the correct stance) by explaining one’s reasoning and modifying one’s actions in such a way that their whole self falls into an easily comprehensible stereotype for all parties perceiving them

Perhaps it is a defense mechanism

If you encourage people to render you one-dimensional in their imaginations and impose their perception on you by trading individuality for a quantifiable “cultural thought movement” (..i dont know) that, by all appearances, shares your aims,

then perhaps those people will have a minimally phobic response to your disagreement or whatever it was you decided worthwhile

after all

conflict is enough for them to handle

let alone the unknown itself!

The unknown being original thought & rational expression, of course

One of the reasons I can be a riot & a buzzkill is because I’m a free soul around the people I trust

The privilege of being a fool without care

This is what friends are for

I don’t recommend sacrificing truth for acceptance by the way

I’ve been learning to think and speak

So, by all means, be original

You, and others, and the land

This land is your land

This land is my land

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