Waking Up To Wonder

Reblog! The ideas in this poem resurfaced in my short story, “the alien seeker,” so I thought I’d repost it. Enjoy.

The Wise Ry Guy

Gone asleep asunder
Waking up to wonder
Wonder wonder wonder why
A view as such should be retained
But yet unwont to be maintained
Inside a little mind

Lie to bed procumbent
Jerk from darkness sudden
Sudden sudden sudden sigh
A weary way to wonder how
The sky is art and yet we bow
To die some more inside

Heavy in unconscious
Now fulfill your office
Office office office time
Lift ye head and cease ye gain
The destination be today
Outside a spacious eye

Closing to your liking
Rest continue hiking
Hiking hiking hiking by
Nature shouts the name of God
Truth could say that reason’s flawed
Or lies by the outside

Plummeting unknowing
Lift to life a glowing
Glowing glowing glowing mine
Language couldn’t speak of awe
Beauty wouldn’t ’til you saw
Earth unto day from night

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