“Conversational” Genius?

Greatness is seductive

I met a genius one time

not a creative genius

An IQ genius

off the charts

She told me she was learning all of the languages so she could travel the world and talk to people

So naturally I was less content with my own nature

Cause what’s life about if not me?

I don’t know where I’m going with this

I might as well tell you now – this girl was in fifth grade

Most of our conversation revolved around me asking her to fill in the blanks

She had to slow down to talk to me

Quite the experience

I barely know how to talk to kids in general

Genius Kids?

where even to start

It makes me so curious about what can be accomplished in life

And what sorts of accomplishments have the most potency in the best ways

I don’t feel like I’ve found anything substantive

I’m kinda over the ramble format for this blog..

It probably feels too much like a diary

I’ll have to start writing these things somewhere else and then extracting more succinct topics

You know

To avoid revealing things im not comfortable revealing

even though that’s likely where freedom lies

not ready, man

Ramble format works less when there’s more to hide

Here, I’ll go in this direction

What would you say to a child genius?

Because I can’t remember what I told her but I remember thinking I could’ve done better

The issue is that she is a child

The only thing that I could do was maintain stimulating dialogue

which I did succeed in doing, though not for long..

She also saw my hair and told me I looked like Harry Potter

that was hilarious

I couldn’t ask her any profound introspective questions, which is what i’d be inclined to ask a genius

I can’t ask those questions because she hasn’t become herself yet

Seems like it’s healthy not to hit kids with deep thought before they have some sort of foundation of Self and/or values

Points of reference and fallback modi operandi are good things, crucial, especially for youths

She was speaking to me in several different languages

I was trying not to treat her like an experiment

as well as trying to match her IQ genius with my.. i don’t know, conversational genius. ouch.

She asked what my favorite animal was

I said Albatross

I told her a couple of things about it

she nodded her head and told me more..

She reads encyclopedias no big deal.

All I know is this!

Traveling the world and talking to people sounds pretty great.

I would do it.

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