Aiming for Spontaneity

Here’s a good strategy for life!

Know what you’re going to do each day

Then you can accomplish your goals and get those dopamine boosts

Not a strict schedule

Just a few things, ya know

Maybe just one thing

Start small

What’s a successful day?

I heard someone say one time, “If I know what I’m going to do, then I won’t do it”

Makes you think

Highly efficient days

are a lie.

For someone inclined to procrastinate

to do lists, or intentional days (even with built in time for flexibility)

can throw them off kilter and cause them to psych themselves out mentally.


Hypothetically, not having a to do list could be what helps some people accomplish more

Then why are goals optimal?

After all, an open day with the freedom to spend it doing the things one loves

or doing the things one needs to do, but with a content spirit

perhaps both

this day sound quite good

why structure?

When I give myself things to do, I feel imprisoned

And if I accomplish those things, I often honestly don’t feel much better than I do when I don’t (sometimes I’m happy – it’s rare)

When I don’t give myself structure, I can be completely aimless or I can actually find some enjoyment in flitting around and doing my different things

But ultimately, despite all the pain it causes

An agenda, no matter how simple, provides direction beyond the present day

I should plan my day because, even if it makes the day miserable, it will make me less miserable in 10 years…

Simple post. yeah

Efficient days are not about themselves

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