Dirty Brooms

Have you ever tried to clean something with a dirty broom?

Have you ever thought of some compelling symbol to which you can attribute some meaning you have yet to synthesize?

Have you ever succeeded in composing an analogy or metaphor by starting with the symbol instead of.. the other thing?

Cause dirty brooms have been lurking inside my creative neuropaths for so long

So long!

Dirty Brooms!

It seems so obvious! But so not obvious.

Here’s a poem inside an article:

I swept a broom up off the floor
I threw away a trash bag
I placed a “caution wet” sign in the middle of a splash pad

Addressing what you’ll inquire
Why the acts with meaning none?
The things I said in stanza one are all things that I have done



Somehow that one didn’t help me

Life is funny man

A lot of the things seem pointless

But they’re not

They’re not pointless because you’re doing them

That statement is of course within the context primarily of necessary tasks

There are tons of pointless superfluous things that you can do

Like don’t be dumb – you’re not the center of everything

I’ve had to like the little tasks – they get me through

Everything I hype in my mind as important gets bogged down with anxiety and procrastination

But truly what that poem is about is the little ironies in life that you can see and yet participate in

It’s a pleasing humility

So yeah

I can’t figure out the deal with dirty brooms

Don’t use them! I guess

Chuckle at the ironies

Smile at the annoying people

We all drink from the same cup

Don’t sweat it

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