O Puddle

O Puddle, why were you in the hall at all?
So subtle, was your presence
My bag was soaked and my mood to fall
As I looked inside to my chagrin
That wretched Puddle had gotten in

O Puddle, thy rage and malevolence grew
A muddle, was life’s essence
I set down my backpack and simply assumed
No middle schoolers would leave their spill
Of you, O Puddle, I’ve had my fill

O Puddle, thy doomed transportation I took
That shuttle, learned my lessons
And emptied my sack of all of my books
‘Twas quite the sight, all my things scattered
But I could not see you, O Puddle, don’t feel flattered

O Puddle, you were invisible; why did you dare?
Seeing is believing, but you were still there

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