whiz khalifa and swae lee have a song called hopeless romantic

the first line of the refrain is “my night runs into morning all the time”

great line

can mean a lot of different things

my night ran into morning big time today

just another day for me to be at peace with my creative nature

because perfection is too much to ask for

I assumed last night that I would wake up this morning and go to the gym

but no

and it wasn’t laziness

I got into bed around 7 o’clock last night

and I was there past 10 this morning

for most of that, I wasn’t tired

I was just stuck

I did watch a Knight’s Tale

That’s an excellent movie – Paul bettany’s a ninja

and Heath of course is as tragically amazing as ever

I eventually got out of bed and made myself some chicken and ate it

just that was a strenuous process

all the things I wanted (needed) to do were ringing in my mind

but from 10 to 1 I was just alternating from the chair to the couch to the bed to the couch to the bed to the

you get the point

nothing moved my spirit

everything was bland

there were a couple times when my mind started to race and creative vigor sort of would start to creep in and make my blood run a little faster

but a couple times again it faded away

a little before 1 a song lyric occurred to me

that was dope

then around one o’clock I put on my Debussy radio on spotify (debussy’s a new find for me) and started drawing

It’s past 3 o’clock now

I have pencil lead all over my right hand

that was some ferocious scribbling let me tell you

whenever I solve my creative repression

the inarticulately visceral relief just blows me away

Its mostly has to do with my chest

toward the end of a creative spree I begin to breathe deeper

my chest expands and sheds its weight

It starts to feel like I’m floating

and now I’m light and satisfied and dang it I’m ready to take a nap for different reasons

creativity is taxing

oh well

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