Amused & Musing and Using the Muse

I don’t care if inspiration strikes

I’m the one that chooses to write

It is my choice

Once I choose to begin, it remains my responsibility to maintain my inertia

Inspiration helps with inertia

I’ve had times where I was completely taken by storm by my muse

she rocked me and shoved me along, and I had no part in what was happening and what my output ended up being

But usually, I just have to sit down and start

I get ideas and inspiration constantly

and I can’t say that any wisdom in my writing is from me because I am often encountering it for the first time when I write it

thats one of the reasons art is so amazing

I heard Jordan Peterson say in a lecture that art is thought

my insides exploded

not literally

but thats an incredible insight!

and it makes so much sense

Art is Thought.

And I have and I do and I will discover that truth over and over and over again in my lifetime, which is riddled by creative musings and doings

I write to explore

And I don’t have to be the origin of beauty and wisdom and articulation in order to claim my writing as my responsibility

I’m learning in this moment that writing is truly, truly not my own at all

Whatever muses I channel

I am not a wellspring of truth

But I am willing

and motivated

and open

and I pay attention

And the choice to lose myself to my creativity – that is the humility of the artist

And that is not something a muse can give you.

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