I! am right

All things considered, society functions impressively well

because, I think, of the extent to which the human species has diversified

Due to certain characteristics, an individual could be naturally fit for a certain activity

By fit, I mean equipped with the proclivities necessary to excel without training

That individual could pursue that activity, make it their art, and practice it with virtue

If we are speaking less with respect to technical activity,

and more with respect to the moral and intellectual virtues

There also, the distribution varies


This isn’t a tough one

Different temperaments allow for different natural virtues

But with virtues

Come vices

Aaaand this is why I have trouble blaming people for things

(also I’m an agreeable person, so I am a bit biologically predisposed to have this opinion anyways)

Let’s suppose for a moment someone does something minorly reprehensible

Not quite, “whoa you killed someone”

But more like, “dude why did you do that”

It’s fairly probable that the personality characteristic(s) constituting the reason why the dude committed an unsavory act in this situation will cause him to commit a virtuous act in a different situation

There is a time for each thing

People are not actually concerned with good or bad


People do not care about that

People care about justice

And justice is a different question altogether

A few days ago, in a tweet, President Donald Trump used the phrase, “in my great and unmatched wisdom”

When I saw it,

I laughed

a lot

like a lot a lot

Like 21 Savage level a lot

and it somehow sounded better than his rapping now that I think about it

which is totally conceivable

My point is

Most people did not laugh when they saw this tweet

utterly tragic, I think

Most people considered it unjust

By that, I mean they found it to be unfitting

Like girls before wine

ya know, that sort of thing

no, I am not calling women pigs

although that can certainly be an applicable distinction on occasion

But I am also not calling them pearls, and I simply advise you not to give them a drink

I joke

For most people, the tweet was somewhere between very concerning –

and subsequently very validating of their self-righteousness; someone else is screwing the world! Esteem boost +243! –

and indicative of impending apocalypse.

These ones don’t seem too intent on saving the world though, but at least they might complain about it to God! or some activists or like a coworker or something

Here’s my take

stop freaking out

because I don’t think it’s honest nor intelligent

You’re blabbering like a seal that’s scared of the waves

And it’s pathetic

Trump happens to be a troll (thanks to my brother for that likely surface level, but conveniently succinct analysis)

And no wonder!

He’s an extremely capable man who used his rare intelligence, shrewd business savvy, and uniquely charismatic personality to become a powerful man

He can do what he wants

And he knows it

And he can do what he wants

because he knows it

That’s the funny thing about capable people

They’re self-fulfilling


What’s my point

Maybe self-righteousness has a purpose too

In most situations, it is unjust

And perhaps, to honor my logic above, when it is just it could be called something else

like confidence

Although I actually don’t think that “self-righteous” is a negative term

It has that connotation because most people confidently express ill-thought out opinions with some level of consistence

Regardless, the human trait of the hardfast perspective – whether its view be foolish or wise – first has allowed a president the confidence to lead

And second in many other situations it has lent itself to the good

After all, it we didn’t have all these small minded people who are subject to their own passion-laced, overactive BS radars,

then a lot more would go unnoticed

For the past two days I’ve been eating cabbage, thinking that it was iceberg lettuce

I opened the package!

The label was in my hands! Facing me!

I’m not the guy to notice things

My brother told me it was cabbage

You know what I said?

“oh, so that’s why it’s so rubbery…”

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