Early Bird Gets the Will to Live

Would you say your life is meaningless?

Probably not

Mine has plenty of it too

In my most nihilistic moments even

Which I’ve found

have a timetable

these moments, that is

I have always wondered why waking up early is so healthy

I’ve always known it is

There’s something better about the morning

many things actually

but it is reasonable to say that people are diverse and what works for some does not work for others

very true

So whatever redeeming quality which the morning possesses that the night does not must have nothing to do with the individual

and everything to do with the morning and the night

Just now as I was drifting amidst my emptiness

sitting on the kitchen floor chewing haphazardly on a bagel that I paid for

I realized

Nights are for thinking

Mornings are for doing

and if you happen to be one of those high-functioning intelligent types

Then nights are for doing and mornings are for sleeping

or more doing

maybe you never sleep

in which case

you are irrelevant and I dislike you for appearing to be more productive than me

most of us need sleep

stop rubbing it in

for a creative, (fairly) rational and sadly neurotic type like me

who also happens to be noncommital

hence the “fairly”

nights lend themselves nicely to my personal void, for lack of a better term coming to mind

It is a void which is full

It is full of me, and the things that are important to me

The things I love and cherish and secure close to my heart

The things that are supposed to encourage me and invigorate my spirit when I find myself drifting on some kitchen floor with some bagel to distract me from my self

It’s symbolic, guys

keep up

As the day darkens, the mind takes to darker matters

This feels a bit cliche, but natural

and a relevant observation nonetheless

Here is my point:

I struggle with action

I am afraid

I am not inclined to assert myself in most situations by nature

Although I have defeated many fears (not permanently – they persist to be defeated again and again), and I have garnered confidence from various victories

I am much more likely to succumb to some sort of imposter’s syndrome

than I am to take hold of the chaos surrounding me and convert it into order

to stand up and speak

to take an opportunity when it presents itself

to dare to know

I cower

To step forth into the world of the unknown

and Live.

And when I wake early in the morning, rested and ready,

I always accomplish the things I fear

But at night


Night time is reserved for writing articles like this!

You know

Get it out of my system so I can go to bed and fall to awareness and fail to sleep


If you are sad

If you question yourself

If you are overwhelmed

If you are disorganized and frantic

If you are stressed

If you are weary of a life composed of parts which run together like muddy water and are indistinguishable from each other

If you don’t want to clog your way through 20 years of depression and then wake up one day to look back and marvel at how time flies

If you don’t want to lose your past in the very moment that it is your present,

Get up early

and do something.

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