Homo Stultus

I’m have no idea what I’m going to write about


It’s a complete mystery at the moment

I wonder how many articles that I write in the future will start like this

fun thought


what’s up with you?

If you’re reading this, you’re a person

I’d assume

maybe a shockingly intelligent ape or elephant of some sort

at the very least

an intermediate link

Here are a couple things that I’m thinking at the moment

actually three

because I just realized I’m tired of the word “first”

as for the thought directly following the one I initially expounded on the line above this,

I really need to read a dictionary consistently

my vocabulary is… grieving, at best

tragic, really

my lack of word savvy, sadly

and the pain has me, badly

every time I attempt to write something precise

and epic

what else

the last thought

the one after that which followed the initial one

and before the one which I am sure might exist sooner or later

Is you

my reader

If I start writing without a premeditated topic or idea or problem to tackle,

then my audience becomes numbered among my immediate thoughts

aaand here’s the thought that I figured would come into existence at some point:

I should try to write sentences without using key words that are commonplace for communicating whatever idea it is about which I am composing the sentence

So, what’s up with you?

Assuming you are a person

A Homo Sapiens person, that is

which is the most ironic classification ever seeing as how this whole blog is mostly me lamenting the elusivity of knowledge

Homo stultus, better yet

I don’t think I’m clever by the way

It’s almost painful to make that joke because so many nerds everywhere have undoubtedly thought of it

Anyways, my query stands as such:

Can I solve your problem without knowing who you are or what the nature of your dilemma is?


Hop on the advice train!

Choo choo, you little twit

Sorry. I shouldn’t make light of your problems

Unless making light means solving them

At this point I feel a duty to succeed in this odd endeavor as this article has been a complete waste of your time otherwise

So, problem.

Yeah no I don’t feel like doing this

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