A One Man Show

I’m on stage

Who’s watching?


Who else?





But really

Who came up with prayer?

Someone’s watching

I’ve struggled with this for a long time

Close your eyes

or live in darkness

I have an audience

Every moment of life

Everything I do

Everything I say

Every thought that I think and the subsequent thoughts that follow, whether they are their own or they are judging the one that fell before them

My thoughts watch me and even those thoughts are observed

So I follow the script

Writer and Director

Mess up the cut?

Find another person and try another take

Although this really has nothing to do with other people

Not much at least

Only to the extent that it is similar to the way in which one portrays oneself in the world


Imagine leaving the world

No eyes

Who are you?

You’re certainly still watching yourself

But Identity is not the question

What is

What is the question?

You’re a One Man Show.


What is it

Who am I talking to


The single most important thing in my life is my own head

Why am I able to live like someone is watching

Why do I mistake the analytical portion of my mind for God Himself

Hold on

I’m gonna go pray about this.

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