You Decide

I’m back!

Been so long, man

Not really tho

Did you know tho is actually an official alternative spelling of though?

Not just texting language

crazy right

Some 19th c. English there for ya

But it hasn’t been long for me

I write blog articles in my head consistently

at the very least I have ideas that I document somewhere to which I may return at a later date

That’s the thing about creativity

Some things are gone forever

and some things aren’t

either way, creativity always has an audience of one

makers only make for themselves

So, Gone Forever ain’t that bad

The audience that really matters witnesses regardless

That’s my dilemma with social media

Is this for me? Or am I just a narcissist?

And then I don’t post…

I know I meander

my apologies

Here’s something I wonder about

To what extent can the moral of a particular work of art be premeditated before it becomes propaganda?


I have a few premises for books

Before I talk about that tho I have to put in earbuds

my brother chews loudly and the computer is in the kitchen

Deciding between Drake JR JR and COIN

Ooh Bad Suns

Quin XCII!

There it is

Ok, continuing

One reason I love writing is that it teaches me about myself

I find things when i write that would have eluded me otherwise

I discover myself on the page

Not in my head

Not on my tongue

Not in the mirror

But not just myself

I discover my ethic

I discover the world

Here I am typing this on a computer

Im not even holding a pencil


Still deciding whether or not computers qualify as a medium of pure composition

I happen to have pencil and paper in reach so I’ll let it go on account of my proximity to an unquestionably pure medium…


It is a mechanical pencil tho

maybe not unquestionable

I still question it

What else do I question?


The matrix trilogy was fairly premeditated and manipulated

That seems evident

I happen to love the matrix movies

But I can’t tell what was on purpose and what wasn’t

Art can be honest, and if it is, then it is valuable

That is, because the honesty of the work doubles as the assurance that I am not being manipulated by propaganda

Dishonest art can also be valuable in an ironic sense, tho still not trustworthy

Maybe I can help myself out by refraining from attempting to glean profound meaning out of every movie I watch…

After all, the import of a particular work of art has to do with its kind and its purpose and/or inspiration


I’m wondering about the extent to which I should consciously install a moral or morals in my own creative endeavors

What I am doing is art

like right now

this is my art

how trustworthy is my analysis of the world?

It is honest

honestly confused

but fairly reasonable if i might say so myself

I’ll leave up to you, I guess

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