Feet & Body

What your feet have touched, your body has not

You are not what you have done


A popular theme in modern TV shows is guilt

It’s constant

ABC seems to think showcasing constant drama and flawed, conflicted characters is the key to good ratings

…and they’re right!

Millennials and Generation Z are seeking self-worth, purpose, and people or things with which they can identify more so than anyone in the past

Why is this?

Part of it is technology, believe it or not

That’s a whole discussion in and of itself

We can tackle that one later!

But it is also on account of a certain well-known fact: people suck

Especially modern Americans

We really suck

The conscience becomes bogged down by bad decisions in times of leisure

Every situation churns in your stomach as you consider the possibilities

Did I do the right thing?

What did they mean?

Do they like me?

Did I offend them?

Why are they acting like this?

Why do I suck at life?

Your overly analytical and obsessive mind dwells on exchanges and events you’ve had or experienced

Your heart becomes heavy and stressed

You hate yourself for being such an idiot

But there is no going back.

There is no undoing the harm you’ve committed to others and yourself

Your soul and your reputation are tainted forever

There is no escape

But then, there it is!

Something to fix your problems!

Or at least help you avoid them



Action does not alter the fabric of your being

It is not the basis for morality

Nor is it a determining factor of virtue

Apparently, committing an unjust action does not make you an unjust person

Thanks Aristotle… and Jesus of Nazareth (both of which are notable philosophers)

Lying does not make you a liar

Stealing does not make you a thief

These actions simply corrupt you in a more general sense

However, assuming humans are born already maximally corrupt – which they are –  then, in reality, these actions did not make you any worse than you already were!

I know!

It’s so hesitantly encouraging, right?

Don’t let guilt keep you from improving yourself

Every day is a new opportunity to be better, my dude

You should start taking those opportunities





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