Insanity Is just in Your Head

Have you ever imagined yourself going crazy?

Just, like, completely losing your balls?

I have

And I have a pretty vivid imagination too so

…yeah maybe it’s not my imagination


Just kidding

If I’m insane, we’re all insane

But we’re not really!

I propose to the whopping two people that read this article that insanity is, in fact, not a thing

True, some of us aren’t all there

But a lot of those people are being well taken care of in psych wards

While just as many of them roam the glorious boulevards of Hollywood


And a few of them have been in the White House


However, what many would deem insanity, I prefer to call depravity, or mortality

Medea wasn’t insane

She was just consumed by a lust for revenge

…so she killed her children


Moving on

A modern torture technique is to slowly dispense  drops of hot water onto someone’s forehead for a long period of time

And eventually,

they snap.

Basically, the mind stops minding the way the mind is supposed to mind

I don’t understand the exact science behind this, although I could make a good guess,

nor am I a psychologist or anything

So my opinion probably isn’t credible

That being said,

I don’t like the term, “insane”

When you call someone insane, it’s not about their state of mind

It becomes about how we’re all better than them

Like they’re not human

It’s slavery all over again!

If anything, the torture technique just proves that we all have the capacity for insanity

We’re all feeble!

We’re all susceptible to losing our metaphorical balls!

But that doesn’t make us insane!

It makes us human!

We’re all capable of terrible evil!

Stop inventing reasons for your superiority to others

We’ve all got what people like to call “insanity”

And since insanity is a relative term

No one is insane

It’s not real, geniuses

It’s just in your head


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