Finite Infinity

You know what things happen when you try to take infinite, unfathomable concepts and stuff them into understandable (to an extent) terms?

Weird things

Annoying things!

Like irrational numbers

and imaginary numbers

and dividing discrete quantity by infinity

It’s messed up

Why is the transition from continuous to discrete so screwy?

When we try to contain something infinite, it just doesn’t work

Irrational numbers will never cease to exist, because continuous quantity is infinitely divisible, whereas discrete quantity is not

Fitting the concept of number into a numeral system is like trying to explain every single thing about the universe in one book

You can make the book really big – like encyclopedia on steroids big – but you could never fit everything about the universe in there

That is, assuming you know everything about the universe (which you don’t…because the universe is incomprehensible…hence this analogy…ya)

At this point, I’ve pretty much shown that something bigger than another thing cannot fit into that thing…


Yet the incompatible relationship between the infinite and the finite is found in many other things

Humans are finite

Our lives are finite

Our minds’ capability to understand the infinite is, well, finite

We understand the infinite in terms of the finite

Hence, discrete quantity

Even more hence, irrational numbers

Lots of henciness!

All modern science puts everything in finite terms

Scientists nowadays seek to understand truth not for what it is, but for it’s practicality

Hence, the wonder and beauty of the infinite is lost

Yes, henciness

The human animus (or mind/soul) cannot comprehend the infinite

Therein lies its wonder and beauty

But the only way to approach an understanding and appreciation of the beauty beyond our comprehension is to place it in terms we can fathom

Which sucks, cause then it’s not beautiful anymore

Whatever it is about humans and the world we live in, we ruin everything

Putting the infinite and the beautiful in terms of the finite for the purpose of our understanding destroys their nature

…R.i.p. the infinite

Mortality is a lot to handle, I guess



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