Be Self-Conscious

Ya know how culture is always telling us not to be self-conscious or ashamed?

“Be bold and confident!

Don’t be ashamed of how you look or act!

You be you!

Even if that means ya wanna swap in different genitalia!”

You know what they are actually telling you?

“Be an idiot!”

…That’s what they are saying

No, I’m not calling you an idiot

Lemme explain this to you

Do you know the definition of what it means to be “self-conscious”?

To be self-conscious is to be conscious of yourself!

I know!


When I re-worded the term “self-conscious,” did it mean something a little different to you?

Suddenly it’s not about the horrors you saw in the mirror this morning!

Now it’s more about conducting yourself in a sociably acceptable manner


Being self-conscious has come to have a bad connotation, because everyone takes it to unhealthy extremes

But being conscious of yourself simply means you are aware of the surrounding atmosphere and doing the best you can to respect and conform to it

Unless all the people around you are trying to kill each other

Then don’t

Murderous atmospheres are not conducive to long lives and fluffy feelings

If you are continually exposed to those atmospheres

I recommend playing lots of hide-and-seek

Or just hiding on a regular basis

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