Phil the Pedestrian

Phil the pedestrian is often bored

So he walks around town, talking to different people

He usually just meets the same old people over and over again

Sometimes he even thinks he’s met them all

But he still talks to them

All of the discussions he has sound kinda petty, but he sees something deeper

Here are some of the people Phil runs into on his walk down Life Way:

– Chris and Cathy

Cathy is usually wherever Chris is

Chris isn’t in love…

He just puts up with her

Cathy thinks they’re soul mates or something

Chris also has a lot of inner turmoil

Phil understands that feeling

– Abby

Abby hangs out in slums and dark alleyways

She is very bossy

People only listen to her when life has stolen their conscience from them

– Joseph

Everyone makes fun of him

– Polly

Everyone is always judging her

But we pretend to like her, so it’s okay

She’s always involved in some huge drama though


– Hussein

Hussein isn’t who you’d think he is

He doesn’t specialize in bombs or anything

He has a cute, little garden in his backyard

Basically all he does is gardening

But he won’t let anyone, including himself, eat the vegetables and fruits that he grows

So now we pretty much don’t listen to anything he says

Also, if he tells you he will do something…

Don’t hold your breath

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