John Calvin Was a Communist

Disclaimer: I highly doubt John Calvin was a communist!

No I’m not contradicting myself

Bear with me

John Calvin is known for his support of the theological doctrine of predestination

Despite his minimal mention of predestination in his works, the world credits him as being the predestination guy

Honestly, he probably rolls over in his grave every time a Calvinist opens their mouth

But that’s beside the point

You might be asking,

“What is predestination?”


Get an education


Just kidding

Predestination is the incredibly biblical doctrine that God haphazardly saves people at birth

It’s a process of divine election!

It makes sense because it portrays an intelligent, powerful creator as flippantly deciding the eternal fate of every single human whom he himself bestowed life upon in the first place

Somewhat Zeus-style, I’d say

It only disregards everything Jesus of Nazareth said and did and everything the biblical canon says about him


You know

No big deal

When someone (E.G. – John Calvin) chooses to believe in predestination, there are things they must subsequently believe about the nature of God

Predestination brings into question the love of God, the justice of God, and the plan of God

Can a God love his people greatly and simultaneously retain the practice of condemning some of them to Hell on a whim?

Am I going to pick up a chocolate bar, unwrap it, and then throw half of it away –

Just cause I feel like it?

No, I’m pretty sure that’s a mortal sin

I love chocolate!

I want all of it to come to me!

Obviously, God isn’t going to eat us

But you get the idea


Even more evidently, predestination brings into question the justice of God

It just does

I don’t feel the need to elaborate on that statement

If you need me to elaborate, please stop reading and leave


Lastly, predestination makes the plan of God seem a little loony, to say the least

God cannot be so bored that he creates a complex universe containing beings in his likeness just to randomly torture some of them for eternity

How can that even bring satisfaction to a being pure of heart?

Thus, the goodness of God and even the concept of what “God” means itself are brought into uncertainty

In short, predestination portrays God as a dictator who rules in spite of his people’s political rights

So when considering predestination

Ask yourself,

“Am I a Communist?”


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