Close Your Eyes or Live in Darkness


You know when you were a kid, and the dark was a little creepy?

You were never afraid…to deny that you were afraid

You know how you’ve grown up, and the dark is still a bit creepy?

Except now, you’re afraid to admit it

Not even to yourself!

We always tell ourselves there’s nothing wrong, and it’s just an overactive childish imagination

We try so hard to believe it

I know we don’t

After all, a child’s mind doesn’t have the experience to simply fabricate something to fear

Come daytime, we walk the same alleyways, the same streets

And we are without fear, completely at ease

Why then, do we feel a creeping presence shielded by darkness prowling in the background

Watching our every move with keen, red eyes, waiting to devour us?

Especially after seeing the same place in the light?

When we have sure knowledge that something is true and good, why can we not believe it the moment it is out of sight?

The more we rely on our eyes, the more short-sighted we become

Suffice it to say, we are very short-sighted

The light disappears, and we immediately begin to second guess that which we had formerly believed with all our heart

I’ve found that the strength of one’s knowledge depends on what that knowledge is founded in

For example, hypothetical me reads on a cheap hypothetical website that global warming has been scientifically proven

Hypothetical me then proceeds through his hypothetical day believing that global warming has been scientifically proven

Obviously, my hypothetical knowledge that global warming has been scientifically proven is founded in something untrustworthy

Therefore, the hypothetical knowledge itself is untrustworthy (rightly so)

Even knowledge that is actually accurate and true is unreliable if it comes from an untrustworthy source

That is why I choose to found my beliefs in something so reliable, it could be called divine (again, rightly so)

So next time you’re walking around in the light, stop relying so much on your sight

It’ll help you believe that there isn’t anything lurking in the shadows

Of course, that probably isn’t true…





*So I wrote this in the darkness…


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